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Our website provides the best support for players! You may find the certain information for beginners and for individuals with a great experience. Moreover, there are some pieces of advice from other gamblers, special tricks, results of relevant investigations, etc.

Where to Start?

Which data is still unknown for you? We collected important statistics, deeply analyzed current issues with online playing and its future. Furthermore, we found lots of important info regarding the rules and principles of online casinos.

History of Gambling in Australia and New Zealand

online casinos for Aussie playersAussies are famous for spending hours enjoying real AUD games online. They got the first legal machine in 1973. Since then, many things have changed including the inception of online regimes.

By now, the Gambling act prohibits playing for money, however, the fees are small plus entering the web-sites remains allowed.

New Zealand laws started to take down permissions for gambling in the beginning of XX century. In 1987 there was the prototype of a legal pokie. Nowadays, online entertainments work well in this country.

Gaming Statistics All Over the World

The very first online gambling program was developed in 1996. However, officially, the addiction got a status of a disease in 1980. As for today, at least one fourth of all players may have these problems. The most unexpected stat came from the U.S. in 2013, which says that 53% of the users are female. Around 40% are aged 21-34.

Casino Ethics – Morality Issue

The uncontrolled enjoying online amusements are frequently compared to other issues, like drugs and alcohol. Indeed, casinos give work places, pay taxes and drive economy. However, they may ruin lives: people sometimes spend all their assets and then become criminals.

Future of Online Entertainments

There is no common point to agree with in the international area. In Australia, for instance, where the level of addiction is high, the Senate is working with the Gambling Amendment Bill from 2016, which changes the relevant Act of 2001. Indeed, the new rules will tighten the possibility to access illegal web-sites. Only locally certified platforms will be allowed and they should be mentioned in the special register.

How Online Casinos Work?

In fact, it is a really complicated structure. Some companies create software with all necessary programming language and then sell it to the management of casinos. These directors deal with requirements and licenses in a particular state, conclude contracts with payment operators and employ dozens of stuff. Certainly, it is crucial to handle different tasks: visual effects, customer support, research and development, etc.
online casinos for Australian players

Software Providers

The vast majority of famous provides in the worlds are available in Australia as well. Microgaming has been dominating here as the oldest and the most powerful platform. It settles modern trends and promotes innovations. The others are NetEnt, BetSoft, Aristocrat, Playtech, etc.

Payout Percentage

Essential characteristic of each game/casino is to show the winning capability. The payout indicates the potential income from the money spent. We strongly advise you to choose entertainments with 94%+. For instance, 95% means that each 100 AUD played will averagely give 95 AUD back to the person.


Certainly, the fairness of the firm should be supported by different documents and approvals. There are many companies, which deal with that. PricewaterhouseCoopers analyzes financial operations and all transactions. VeriSign certificates the protection of personal information.

Furthermore, eCorga has a general test of including technical support, fairness and responsible behavior. Moreover, each country has its own administration to check providers.

Tips and Tricks from Professional Fortune Hunters

Truly, you may make a single spin and get a jackpot. However, this pure luck does not happen frequently. Thus, there are interesting features to rely on, which can multiply the chances. First of all, use a strategy.

Different websites, videos, books and blogs can help with that. Secondly, do not play chaotically, be organized. Thirdly, think twice before each decision and handle your emotions. Fourthly, choose a right moment to stop spending money.

So, You Decided to Play

Great! This short guide will help give answers to many questions for those who have just started or had lots of experience. Check out our other articles for more detailed data regarding different points.

Reviews of Aussie Online Casinos

The main step is to select a right online platform. There are thousands of legal and illegal casinos. You should visit only licensed ones with all necessary permissions. To make sure – go to special websites, which professionally describe each organization: history, functions, certificates, etc. It may not be always true, so use many sources as well as comments to them (it should be available).

Account Management

Australian online casinosEach provider of online gambling house gives a possibility to create your personal page with all relevant information: name, surname, payment characteristics, etc. It allows finding statistics concerning games, general terms and others.

Free Games or Real Winnings?

It is the hardest decision for beginners. On one hand, gratuity-bonuses or play with fake money having no risk seems attractive. However, it does not include real wins, thus it brings different feelings. On another hand, investments or real money permits getting rewards, many gifts and benefits. Nonetheless, an individual can lose everything. It’s for you to decide!

Choose Your Device

In the past, different characteristics of each mechanism created huge gaps for players. Nowadays, they are quite similar. However, they still remain unique in performances. For instance, mobile platform iOS does not permit flash games. Windows, Mac and Linux have quite similar abilities. Android has a really broad scope of performance abilities.


Except the usual gambling process, there are special forms to enjoy for everyone. The ordinary way might not be interesting anymore and do not attract potential customers. We will describe below other features, which casino may offer to get new feelings and emotions.

Live Dealer Casinos

This option is not new as it has been existing for around 10 years already. Nonetheless, its growing popularity forces all online amusements to consider this part as essential! According to this mechanism, one dealer is working in a single room next to the table (and a wheel for roulette). A customer can see everything and change the view as he has 2-3 cameras. It really allows being virtually in the land based casino.


Additionally, individuals have possibilities to create and/or participate in contests. There are three types of them: private, scheduled and sit’n’go. The first one is created by other users. It has limited places and fixed rules. Commonly, it has a password. Second one has strict timing and limited number of seats, but such option is opened for almost everyone. Third is available all the time and has minimum rules and restrictions.

Who Are High Rollers?

These persons are also called whales. They can easily play spending thousands or millions of AUD. Each casino has its own conditions for becoming a high roller. However, once it is acquired, they can get lots of benefits: exclusive support, access to special tournaments, luxury treatment, the best discounts, etc.

Be Aware Of

Even though, casinos bring magnificent emotions and amazing experience – it is a business. So, do not forget about your target in online games, check twice main rules, remember all safety instructions. Think wisely before taking any decision and you will get success!

Money Laundering

online casinos in AustraliaDuring centuries casinos have been a place to make “clean” cash. Nowadays, this mechanism faces obstacles using electronic means. Reputable platform will try to find the source of income and personal data. However, some users still look for ways to legalize assets. They can buy chips and then just sell it, purchase these items from other players for extremely high prices, etc.

Online Casino Myths

There are common fears regarding online entertainments. Interestingly, people think that RNG already knows which numbers will be shown and intentionally ruins gambler’s plans to win. Moreover, some rumors say that beginners always have better combinations.

In fact, it is false as such system has often been verified by many independent audit organizations. Even more, such institutions publish results of investigations and the methodology used. Furthermore, you can try a “live dealer” form at anytime and get confident about the faithfulness. Indeed, according to this option, a customer can watch in real life shuffling cards and use different cameras to be reassured.

Gambling Addiction

This motion is really known for Aussies. It describes a person who can’t resist of playing all the time. Indeed, there are many categories of a gambler: professional, anti-social, casual, serious social, escape and compulsive. The last is the best example of addiction, as these persons stay in casino behind the mere fact of having rest, it includes: money problems, stress, unhappiness, etc.