Management of Online Casino Account

Almost every gambler, while playing in web betting rooms, has to deal with the registration process that implies creating and managing a profile account. It is required for being able to access games, deposit funds, withdraw winnings, and for using other features.
This article will prepare you for the main element in online casinos – account management.

Personal Profile Creation

account management in online casinosIn some Internet staking houses, the process of signing up may take several stages. Everything starts with clicking the join/sign up/register button. This action will open the blank form.

First of all, you ought to enter your e-mail and select your password (usually there are compulsory minimum requirements). Then you will be asked to type the personal information (first+last name, the birth date, your sex). In addition, quite often casino sites require entering your address for a personality verification. There are also fields for security questions that might help in case you forget the password.

Account Tab

The tab lets you monitor the account information (bonus status, reward points, coin balance and etc.), allows changing settings, and helps you with contributing funds for further staking.

Cash Balance

One of the main account elements is a cash balance section. There you’ll find how many funds you have and what sum has been recently deposited. The overall cash balance consists of winnings and deposits.

Bonus Balance

There are bonus credits that players get, when accepting some promotions. This money is not free to use until wagering conditions are completed. And you can see the current status there.

Reward Points

If you want to get even more benefits, you should not forget about reward points. These are a part of the loyalty program for regular customers. So the more stakes you make, the more of them you get. Such scores can be exchanged for money credits.

Managing Account at Online Casinos

For the comfort of customers, online betting houses create adjustable accounts. So there are various useful features that might help you enjoy staking games even more.

Changing Settings

Sometimes players might need to alter the default settings of their profiles. For example, it is possible to change the interface language, renew the password or e-mail address and etc. Or if there is a need of adding more specific configurations (banking options, bet limits, tracking and so on), you can easily do this.

Profile Statement

Clicking on the Profile Statement tab will open the page of gambler’s history. It includes such parameters as the rate of winning/losing, playing limits, and the time spent on the website.

Contact Preferences

It is an important section, where casino clients can establish the preferable communication options. All notifications (promo codes, reminders, invitations and so on) you can receive via e-mail, phone call or texts. Just choose the most suitable method.


There are usually tons of different offers that include coupons. They can help greatly to get some advantages as free cash/spins or other encouragements. Just press on a relevant button, enter the number, and start using your promo.

Checking Online Casinos Reward

Almost every website provides different kinds of rewards. And of course, you can easily see what bonus is already activated, and what else is also available in the particular betting room. You might find a separate page containing the list of offered promos.

Making a Deposit or a Cash Out

online casinos account managementWhile playing for real money, the first step is making a deposit. And surely, after some big wins gamblers want to cash them out. For these purposes, there is a special cabinet as Cashier.

There are various deposit/withdraw options available at once. They include bank transfers, credit cards (Visa/Mastercard/Maestro/American Express) and electronic wallets (Neteller/PayPal/Skrill).

New players ought to choose a preferable payment method and fill in the necessary financial information to make the first transaction.

Responsible Gaming

Reliable casinos that care about their clients bring a safe betting experience (complying with all necessary standards) by putting warning disclaimers (age restriction), providing full terms and conditions, adding support channels and other precautions. All these help to motivate people for responsible gaming and avoid negative consequences.

So there is a section where players can change the limits (for a day/week/month). There is also an option to activate a restriction mode, which can block the access to the casino service for a certain amount of time (for people who start noticing addiction issues).