Australian Gambling Houses Approved by eCOGRA

eCommerce & Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (abbreviated as eCOGRA) is a self-governing testing agency with a global recognition that certifies gaming systems, software and applications used by web-based casinos. Though, eCOGRA is based in the UK, it provides licenses to many Australian online houses.

Gambling software, system and sites that have its seal are not only risk-free to play in but also efficient, user-friendly, quick in paying customers and fair with their operation policies, standards and practices. So let’s check the eCOGRA certified online casinos in Australia.

History of eCOGRA

At its early stage, online casinos appealed to gamblers as a result of a number of factors like convenience, privacy, and excitement they offered them.

However, because there was no control in the business, some action rooms became dishonest in their operations. This made a lot of gamblers to lose confidence in the industry. Consequently, online gambling began to decline.

But in 2002, Microgaming, a popular developer of software, application and system for internet gambling collaborated with another reliable web-based casino to establish eCOGRA to regulate the industry in order to restore sanity to it. The organization was founded in Britain in 2003. However, it has become a globally recognized independent testing agency that provides certification to casinos in different countries including Australia.

online casinos with ecogra seal

The Aims of This Organisation

eCOGRA strives to achieve the following goals:

1. The agency offers protection to vulnerable gamblers against all exploitation from casino operators endorsed by them. It also provides self-exclusion to addicts.

2. It forbids internet-based rooms from giving minors access to their sites.

3. The body ensures that its members operate within a reliable, secure and safe environment and also guarantee fair gambling activities.

4. It provides industry acceptable rules and regulations which authorized online casinos have to adhere to in transacting with their customers. The agency also strives to better and keep their standards up to date by reviewing them regularly and introducing new measures that will protect the interest of both registered sites and their customers in their dealing with each other.

5. As a licensing agency, it assures bettors of honest practices by its members.

6. The agency guarantees quick and accurate payment to wagerers by its associates.

7. It aims at making sure that there is the high level of confidentiality and that gamblers’ privacy is not violated.

8. eCOGRA prevents its affiliates from indulging in deceptive and irresponsible commercials ensuring that they abide by the best industry acceptable marketing standards.

Features of Online Casino Approved by eCOGRA

To get eCOGRA seal, online houses are required to have certain features which we will describe below.

Online Casinos Players Protection

For any internet-based casino to receive the approval of this body, it has to obey their directives on online gamblers’ protection.

The areas cover by these regulations include confidentiality especially with customers’ data, secure playing environment, tracking of payment made to or by the wagerers, proper management of information and others.

Fair Gaming

To make certain that all their authorized sites meet fair gaming requirements, this organization regularly evaluates and inspects the software and systems used by casinos that have their seals. eCOGRA looks into their requirements for RNG, games rules, server connectivity, server performance, disaster recovery, total transaction reviews and others in order that the standards they set will be met by casinos operating with their licenses.

Responsible Conduct

eCOGRA members are reliable and honest not just in their operation but also in their commercials. They use only reliable advertising practices and abide by anti-money laundering rules.

Meaning of eCOGRA SEAL for Aussie Gamers

eCOGRA endorsement stamp tells gamblers in Australia that efficient support services, excellent banking (depositing and withdrawal) system and fair rules will be provided to them by licensed operators. It also assures them that their privacy will be protected.
The seal also tells customers that eCOGRA certified betting rooms are not deceptive and dubious in their adverts and operations.

Service For Australian Online Casino Players

online casinos with ecogra licenseeCOGRA also provides Australian virtual bettors with dispute resolution service as it is quite unlikely for players to get unbiased judgement from the support of member sites should they have issues with them. If a player is unable to resolve any problem he has with an affiliate site regardless of where the casino operator is based, he may approach the body for arbitration.

The experts of the agency will take up the case, examine the necessary documents to find out the party that is at fault. Most disputes are resolved in most cases within 3 days. This is why Australian gamblers staking via web-based platforms are advised to wager in an internet casino that has eCOGRA certification.