Online Casinos Terminology – Information Guide

Casino entertainments and thematic articles are full of different, complex and incomprehensible terms. Users new to this entertainment kind are often confused by their variety. We have prepared a glossary that explains their definitions. It’ll provide an insight on the key in-game points.

What Is Online Casino

It is a website where you can gamble, pretty much as a ground-based casino. You can try table, slot and specialty games (bingo, keno, scratch cards) there. However, everything works in a virtual form, i.e., you watch the process on your PC monitor and interact with a help of the mouse.

Types Of Casinos

All web operators use the soft. On this basis, they are divided into 2 groups: web- and download-based programs. Some houses offer two types of their software altogether.

Web-based Playings

Such web houses use HTML5 or Flash technologies. They don’t ask a customer for loading their client programs onto a PC. Instead, they allow playing through the browser with an active Internet connection.

Download-based Casino Games

In this instance, a user must download the casino software if he intends to gamble. Frequently, it’s an obligatory condition for a user expecting to obtain a special welcome bonus.

Casino Games

Analogically to the brick & mortar establishments, online versions suggest games as baccarat, craps, roulette, slots, blackjack. The quantity of pokies always prevails. An operator can offer hundreds of options to try.


A table game where its participants must get 21 points on the received 2+ cards is called blackjack. There are multiple BJ variations available in web casinos, involving 1-8 52-card decks. The other name is Twenty-One.


Also recognized as Punto Banco. It’s a card game with three main bets: a player, a tie, or a banker. It’s played from a shoe with six or eight decks. The sense is to gather 8-9 points with 2-3 cards.


Web roulette involves a wheel with 0-36 numbers painted in red, black and green colors. Here, the computer throws a ball instead of a croupier. There are 3 popular online variations: American, European, French.


Casino entertainments with 3, 5, 6, 7 reels with various thematic-based symbols on them. A customer makes stakes by choosing the number of playing lines and the amount of the bet. There is no actual winning here, you get money as long as meaningful combinations appear on the screen. Online slots can be classic, video, 3D, fruit, etc.

Dice Games

These games are gambled with 2 dices. Depending on the rules, the player must throw out some required number to win. The most sought-after web options are Sic Bo and Craps.

Live Dealer Casino Games

Entertainments ordinarily hosted by real dealers who aret located in a special studio. A user can talk with them via a Live Chat and see them through a web-camera. Stakes are usually placed with a computer mouse. Only blackjack, roulette and poker work in this format.

Game Terminology

All gambling terms refer to the basic and advanced knowledge. Based on the experience level, a gambler must pay attention to the respective section. Each one contains information on the operations that are frequent in online gaming sites.


A newcomer must read the basic chapter to learn the general terminology to be able to play without losses caused by his ignorance.


Gambling Terminology

It’s a wager that a person place on a number, payline or a statement. If he’s right, the bet plays and its holder wins money according to the game’s rules.

Minimum Table Limits – Each product has its own minimum stake, starting from 1 cent. It’s the least possible amount of money that you can spend on one hand or a spin.

High Table Limits – The maximum possible wager on one bet.

Casino Bonus

It’s a promotion that a registered player receives for his actions towards a casino. For instance, you can get a bonus if you deposit money or sign-up to a house. Free spins and credits are the most frequent promos.

Deposit Bonuses – It is an extra given upon paying the minimum required sum. This bonus can be further withdrawn if the user meets obligatory (wagering or other) requirements.

No Deposit Bonuses – An offer from web operators given just for a registration or for coupon codes entered is no deposit, is in the form of money/free spins. A player can utilize it to try miscellaneous games for free.

Reload Bonuses – It’s a type of bonuses proposed to existing clients. A gamer receives it on top of every deposit as a percentage of its sum.

Referral Bonuses – It’s a bonus that a player gets if he brings his friends into the game. The Referrer obtains an extra when his friend creates an account, contributes funds and wagers them a definite number of times. The Referee gets a reward for signing and mentioning the Referrer.

Comp Points – It’s a casino program that allows an active gamer to get extra chips. You accumulate points playing for cash. The more funds you wager the more credits you gain. After the necessary amount has been gained, a user receives some gifts (cashback, promotions).


It’s a payment that a person makes to a web operator to try games. You can make a replenishment with credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, payment systems, prepaid cards.


Types of Winnings

The wins/gains are the casino credits’ number, you get for your prizable stake.

Gross Gainings – The overall payout including the bet that a user receives after a win. Also called a payoff.

Aggregate Prizes – Everything you have won or the accumulated sum won by time.

Net Winnings – the funds you win except your original bet.

Jackpot – A big cashable win following the appearance of a special card or a symbol combination.

Basic Game Moves

These are actions that gamers often do, which beginners may not understand because of the lack of their experience.

Bump – Make a higher value bet.

Call – In poker, this action means to match the stake made by another player at the same table.

Deal – It’s a process of giving cards to gamblers. The process is performed by an automatic software function.

Doubling-up – A core action of some widely utilized gambling systems. The player bets twice as much in order to turn back the losses and benefit. The other name is Martingale System.

Load up – Spin at the maximum possible quantity of coins allowed in the slot.


The probability rate of a person winning, or the number by which the casino promises to multiply the bet if it’s a successful one.

True Odds – The true chances that something will happen. Actual odds considering the operator’s edge.

Payoff Odds – Coefficients that are usually placed in casinos.


Each card assumes a name that describes its purpose. The following definitions are basic for games like poker or blackjack. New to these entertainments users need to know them by heart.

Cut Card – A plain card of black, red or yellow coloring that cuts the deck. It covers the bottom card so that no one could see it.

Hole Card – In poker, this term refers to face-down cards dealt to each player. In blackjack, it’s a face-down card that a dealer gives himself.

Down Card – A face-down card.

Face Cards – King, queen or jack of all card suits.

Kicker – In poker, it’s an odd high card that doesn’t contribute to forming a comb, commonly a king or an ace.


The advanced terminology will seem very difficult for novices. Therefore, professional gamblers know it well, as they constantly face it in practice.

Card Operations

Card Operations

The following terms are the explanations of card operations, which a newbie should definitely know afore he becomes a pro.

Card Counting – A widespread technique in which the gamer memorizes already utilized cards. It’s used to predict the outcome of later hands and establish an advantage over the house/dealer.

Burn Cards – Card pieces that were moved from the deck’s top after shuffling and cutting.

Card Washing – The act of riffling and jumbling face-down cards in a washing-like manner ere the normal shuffle.

Shuffling (Card Shuffling) – All methods to mingle cards, utilized to get them ready for playing.

Plug – An element of a mixing technique applicable to cards given from a several-deck shoe.

General terms

General terms or positions in gambling relate to people involved in casino games and are well-known by avid gamblers.

Card Sharp – A player, who is proficient in playing cards.

Croupier – A French designation for a dealer employed in baccarat, roulette and blackjack.

Open – A gambler, who antes first in a poker game.

Mechanic – A dealer, who swindles.

Fish – A gamer, fated to forfeit funds.

Shark – A punter who acts like a novice at the beginning of a card-game in order to deceive other participants.