Australian Gambling Houses For High Stake Players

online casinos for whalesAs a single category, there are some divisions of online casinos depending on the players. The most important level of gamblers is whales.

These people like to have huge risks regarding their money. But, in case of winning combination, they can get an enormous amount. We will describe special features of doing so.

Benefits of High Roller Online Casinos

Exclusive treatment consists of many separate elements. These customers get the maximum and, sometimes, special gifts from the management. In reality, the existence of these presents is of benefit to the gaming platform itself, as it helps to hold important players for longer time!


This is a general title for different benefits in high roller online casinos for Aussie. They include deposit and no deposit ones, advantages of signing up, taking a particular payment method, etc. Indeed, for whales this list is bigger and its usage is multiplied in dozens of times to give a better effect. The most crucial division will be shown below.


Frequently such rewards give you some money. However, these extra assets have additional wagering requirements. Only when gained income meets this rule, an individual can withdraw them. Thus, this type of gifts allows to retain it and to send it to the bank account, they do not disappear.


This option is totally opposite to the above mentioned. Indeed, the cash obtained serves only to facilitate the process of winning more. It is a tool to double or triple the chances. However, these bonuses are only for this purpose and can’t be withdrawn.


This feature allows to receive back some spending. It has a form of the percentage of the sum and varies from 2% till 30%. It has a special importance for High Rollers, as they invest a lot, cashback will create a huge benefit. So, this figure usually does not exceed 15%.

Personal Account Manager

These gamblers should not have any problems, even tiny ones. So, each issue is solved promptly and efficiently. Additional workers of the online casino company have obligations to deal with any inconvenience for a particular important player. They explain everything, provide a great support and represent individuals if necessary.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

The status opens doors to lots of benefits, special tournaments and exclusive games. It gives permission to access the features, which are closed for usual customers. Moreover, according to the experience gained in the particular platform, hours played, money received or spent, the person have extra gifts, called the loyalty.

Deposit And Withdrawal Advantages

Only 1% of fees from 100 AUD seems alright. However, if the same percentage is taken from 100,000 AUD – it creates losses. The same situation applies to the process of receiving cash from online casino. The solution lies in agreements between gambling platforms and payment organizations saying that high transactions should have preferences. Thus, whales are lucky to benefit from it.

Funding Methods For High Stake Players

high roller online casinos
All standard ways work here as well. Indeed, you can invest few times of smaller amount. However, concerning really huge transactions, it depends on places, where people keep big savings.

Usually, these are banking cards and cash (bank transfers). Nonetheless, other options are also available: e-wallets, prepays cards, etc.

Online Casino Games For Australian High Rollers

Citizens from this land are famous by their temptation to play. Hence, they have one of the highest variety of options. The most popular choice is slots. They are everywhere, including virtual and land-based machines. However, other types are also available.


This game has evolved during the years. The customer sees a screen with 3 or 5 lines. It shows different articles: numbers, fruits, vegetables, letters, animals, cartoon heroes, etc. “Terms and conditions” indicates all possible options to win cash. It can have 1,024 and even more ways to obtain money.


This game is pure of luck and, mainly because of that, it gathers many High Rollers. They want to feel this risk and to choose a random figure, color, range of numbers, etc. The right choice may at least double the assets! Live dealer option allows to believe of an absence of tricky schemes from the casino.


The amusement’s main rule is to get 21. There are fixed equivalence for each card. Thus, knowing them, a player has to get this important number or close. You can ask for additional card or to split the hand.


The biggest advantage of this entertainment is that the win can be enormously high and there are no upper restrictions. In order to continue playing, all the customers have to make equilibrium.