Myths of Gambling: Do Online Casinos Cheat?

Knowing ‘something’ about online gambling is definitely not sufficient in order to start the real money journey. Each potential player should be aware of all the details connected with the pastime and understand possible circumstances. And it is the single method to estimate your chances and count on a certain result. Follow our article and reveal all the gambling myths – are online casinos rigged?

Online Casinos Can Be Rigged For Players to Lose

are online casinos rigged Judge for yourself. Yeah, web portals want to collect as many members as it is possible. But is it really so beneficial for them if everyone wins? Sure, there is a certain system, using which the sites benefit in any case. The concepts can be different, the aim remains the same. Get acquainted with possible psychological traps.

Myth of Newbie And Lucky Bargee

That is a well-known expression that beginners have a special luck. I’ll see you blowed first! To tell the truth, there is nothing depending on your fortune, the total thing is about the quantity of players which experience the same game. The quantity of new casino members is more than existing ones and if today 2,000 people experience a site, perhaps a quarter will be on top. At the very long last, it makes no difference, so, you can be a newbie as well as an experienced player, your chances are equal.

Manipulations By Means of Random Number Generator

No one takes responsibility neither for your winnings nor for your losses. Everything happens due to RNG (random number generator). Huh, what a convenient way out. You again refer to your luck and consider the things as something you can’t influence. But is it really so that no one can?

Bonuses Are a Scam

Some portals choose another strategy to attract people. They offer numerous large bonuses, which reward players with free cash or free spins. Well, the move is pretty smart. Yet, who needs such conditions if there is no mean to cash out the wins? You use the promotions and even make deposits, not having a chance to withdraw your gaining.

Checking Out The Honesty of Online Gambling Sites

Hey, not everything is so bad. The only need is to find a reliable casino, which won’t cross you up in the most significant moment. Sure, there are such portals and they are numerous, find out the main factors of a trustworthy site and examine each one to see which matches your criteria.

Basic Ways

online casinos mythsNow, we offer you to learn the basics, which any online casino should have. Read the descriptions carefully and if your portal doesn’t include any point, leave it asap. No one needs a gaming house that can make look like, right?

Possession of a Licence

Entering any gaming site, list down the page and observe if there are any licenses approving a legal activity of the casino. It should be a competent authority, taking responsibility for the pastime. The most popular marks are MGA, UK Gambling Commission, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Alderney Gambling Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Ordinance and others.

Software Providers

The ground of each gambling portal is a software, which it is powered by. The providers create a set of games, carry their own licenses and awards, pointing out their quality and security. Join Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Aristocrat, RTG, NextGen and more in order to feel the advantages on your own.

Guaranty of The Fair Game

You can get cerain that everything around you is safe and fair, when examining that the customer support service works properly and you can turn to help if needed. Besides, read some reviews on trusted blogs and feedback of real players. Check the withdrawal limits, payout percentage, house edge and other aspects, which can bound you within the gameplay.

Additional Methods

Leaving aside all the strict rules, there are also some extra options, which you can use in order to estimate a casino better. Let us observe other possible ways and understand which variant is closer and more convenient for you.

Estimate By Eye

Being on the page of the casino, mind the speed of its processing. How fast operators answer if you ask something, whether all the links work appropriately. Learn the rtp (return to player) and if there are some difficulties while finding it, that is one more point to think about. Observe the list of winners, which should be presented on the home url and if all the games load correctly.

Play And Output Funds

This method is pretty risky. Yet, once you are ready to spend some real cash before finding out whether the site is okey for you or not, then go ahead. You can make a deposit, play a game (without activating any bonus) and try to redeem the wins. At that very moment you will notice if the operation passes well and what can hinder you.