Online Casinos History in Australia

Online Australian casinos HistoryHistory of Australian online casinos started back in the XVIIIth century. Those days were a great leap at casino development of both land-based and virtual services in Australia.

It had a long way from the first card games. The industry legalization, increasing the government profit, became integrated daily lives of Aussies.

Today, you can enjoy an unbelievable list of ultra-modern products together with up-to-date abilities. However, we’re going to take you thru the past, present and future of playing in Down Under.

No Web Gambling Period

The journey begins from 1788. That time the British gambling policy affected the Australian one. No wonder that all forms of this activity were prohibited within the territory. However, the horse races presented the first organized format of wagering.

The sports betting came later, in the 1890s, being closely connected with bookmakers. Therefore, in general, it remained illegal until the 1980s. Lotteries came to that stage during the 1880s. We should also admit the Asian and European influence during the 1840s.

Phase of Online Activity

The 1990s were highlighted by the rapid progress of online casino activity. Those days AB Internet development along with the technical progress took place. The known providers as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech were born. They quickly took their top positions, spreading across the World. However, the growing amount of virtual gambling sites had regulations, which had changed the playing situation in the country.


The computerization made the web betting for cash possible; therefore, the government reaction was somehow ambiguous. Politicians didn’t want to recognize that gaming manifestation. Such an attitude had nothing to do with morals.

They thought that the virtual entertainments would take away the cherished revenue, as there were no laws controlling that activity. But, the first reason was that the foundation of casinos was closely linked with an economic decline within the country. It was the primary cause for establishing the first brick-and-mortar places on the Northern territory and Tasmania.


11 years later, the most well-known document called the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 appeared. This is a logical end of the efforts to take over the Internet industry.

But, its text is paradoxical – Australians can gamble via the web, but websites can’t offer their games to them. However, foreign operators may not follow this prescription. Aussies only have to find the trusted site that accepts Oz gamblers. The majority of the off-shore establishments gladly do that. We can conclude that something had gone wrong with that law, yet, the economy and revenue are at a very good point.


The virtual casino business continues its growing regarding the clients’s base and money investment. Despite the deployment of the IGA mentioned, it still doesn’t prohibit Australians from utilizing foreign websites. Besides, sports betting is open for adults. Yet, the population’s losses on gambling, particularly on pokies, total almost 1 billion AU$.

Slots are the biggest source of the income and offshore venues attract customers via themed games and propose the AUD payments. The other side of the coin, unfortunately, shows that more and more residents begin playing and nearly 1/3 of the people over 16 years old have tried the online entertainments for cash.

Future of Aussie Online Casinos

Future of online casinos

The future of virtual playing seems very bright. As the central government has focused on slots and their regulation. We can expect the reduction in the quantity of compulsive gamblers. Politicians want to introduce the “smart cards”, which will help to control the losses from pokies through a limitation.

Therefore, web gambling houses are currently deprived of the close attention thru lacking the competence of the lawmakers. Anyway, nothing to worry about, the punters always find the way to bend the IGA. It’s difficult to conjure up a more graphic example than the delusive hopes for legalization of poker together with in-play betting in days past.