Australian Web Casinos And Problem Gambling

online casinos Gambling in AustraliaAustralia is rightfully regarded as a country with an incredibly high level of gambling. Every year, dozens of various studies, surveys involving Aussies of different ages occur.

Over 80% percent of the population are gamers and this rate is really frightening.

Besides, the online betting sphere is considered to be the most profitable. Let’s clear up, why gaming has so many attractive and disappointing features? So, we will focus on the online casinos and gambling addiction in Australia.

Features of Gambling Houses For Aussie

The Internet defenses gamblers from criticism and supports the b anonymity. No more envious looks and obtrusive pieces of advice – you are free to do what you liked! Moreover, virtual gaming houses offer much higher minimum RTP – 93%+ against 86% at the original casinos. Apart from that, you can win and transfer money legally and securely.


Playing regulations come from the central government and local authorities. If you think that you will find any prohibition regarding gamesters – no. The only restriction covers companies established within Australia (IGA 2001). They can’t offer casino services to Kiwis. However, they can provide them with sports and horse racing opportunities online. There are 8 jurisdictions controlled by the respective licensing bodies and commissions. In addition, eCOGRA, TST and other world-known examiners ensure your legal gaming.

Safety And Security

Many users prefer brick and mortar places, as they got used to them or don’t trust the web. Well, it was a valid statement a few years ago, when virtual fraud was widely spread. Afterward, the integration of the HTTPS-protocol and improvements of the SSL-encryption significantly decreased the amount of fakes. Browsers got their in-built protection. Therefore, still you should carefully check the website’s address validity.

Gambling Addiction in Australia

Besides the highest gambling level, there are more than 500,000 Aussies that are problem players. It’s not an epidemiological sign, as there are only 115,000 addicts among them. That amount includes the affected population (relatives, friends). It’s the reason we want you to read the following paragraphs carefully to estimate the situation by yourself.

Types of Problem Gambling

The classifications distinguish such types of problem gambling:

  • escape gaming – players consider the casino to be a shelter from all life’s challenges;
  • compulsive kind – a person just can’t control that and acquires social and personal troubles;
  • professional variant – a user turns it into a profession, thus, having enough experience or/and skills for it.

Appearance of This Problem

Aussie online casinos Gambling StatisticsMost of 100,000+ Australian addicted gamblers have low incomes. It seems as if the country’s government specially put machines in the poor quarters.

Video pokies lure adults and teenagers with their bright lights and music. Furthermore, Natasha Schüll said that problem gamblers didn’t want to win, they just wanted to continue spinning.

Statistic Data

What do you think of the fact that Australia provides 1 electronic machine per 118 people? It’s the absolute record! Over a half of problem gamers have disorders with the substance’s use. Besides, it’s a cause of suicides (128 playing-related cases according to the report of the coroner in Victoria).

Unfortunately, they are young residents (18-24 years). In addition, the average slots expenditures are as high as 1,144 AUD per year. The sum rises up to 1/3 of the annual revenue for compulsive players (21,000 AUD).

Prevention of This Disease

There are plenty of preventive actions, which can lead to a reduction in the quantity of problem gaming population. One way to do that is to decrease the number of venues, what is happening now in Australia. The offshore and uncertain providers are illegal now. Also, the government lessens the amount of available for real money electronic gaming machines, poker, sports betting in general.

Removing video terminals from bars/clubs, placing depositing limits, introducing shorter working hours will also aid to cope with the challenge. Besides, it’s important to develop educational initiatives, involve local citizens in their implementation. Authorities must deploy large campaigns on informing residents about the harm of compulsive playing. Agree?