Australian Online Casino Tournaments

Online Casinos TournamentsGambling houses propose tons of pokies and table entertainments for Australians. Yet, there’s something more than just spinning reels and lucrative rewards.

One opportunity to improve your experience is to get in the online casinos tournaments for Australians.

You only need a real money account and some funds on the balance. This is an event thrilling thousands of players, as they can win substantial cash without big risks.

Main Points

Above all, you should wit that web tourneys and land-based ones are different. Table games’ competitions at brick-and-mortar floors gather dozens of people in one place. In case with online events, your location doesn’t matter. Casinos determine winners, however, in their own way.

Sometimes, it’s a person with the biggest sum of the points in the end, which is a lucky outcome. Frequently, operators reward those users who contribute the largest money amounts to the process. Though it’s designed so that anyone can win, this often appears to be only a lure.

Aussie Gambling Competition Types

Your tourneys’ knowledge matters when it comes to partaking in them. Web houses usually hold different competitions’ kinds. For you, it’s important to be aware of the types and major differences. Besides, you can learn something new for yourself if you have already taken part in the ordinary events.

Card & Table Games

Aussies, as well as others, often distinguish only blackjack, poker and roulette types. But, there are also other tourneys related with table games. We’re talking about the bingo ones. Operators hold such events constantly. They do it for the expansion of the client’s base. Nonetheless, prize pools in these tournaments are frequently small, as more gamblers prefer familiar contests.

Single & Multi

As it comes from the name, gamers play at the single or multiple tables. In the last case, the competition often follows the elimination rules. It means that the number of web tournament venues decreases, as gamblers are excluded. In the end, there is only one place with the last few participants left.

Elimination & Non-Elimination

Tournaments with the elimination format usually sift several gamers after each round. It can happen if a player has the least number of chips. Also, everybody can lose except two participants with the biggest quantities of points. Rules may vary, but this is the idea. The second type, however, has only one lap. A gamer with the highest rate is the winner. Yet, you can leave before the end if you manage to spend all given coins earlier.


If you would rather spin the reels instead of looking at the cards, then, you should visit pokie contests. They are hugely sought-after and easy to organize. The central idea is that users will play one game for some period and strive to obtain as many dollars as possible. Sometimes, you utilize the product the operator wants to push.

Online Casino Tournament Differentiation

While you’re going to win the tournament’s top reward, make sure you know the main tourneys’ differentiations. Some have entry tickets or a determined start time. You should understand all organizational aspects.


Perhaps, it’s quite obvious that such events begin only at the fixed time. You have to register beforehand in order to become a participant.


Entry Fee Tournaments in online casinosFreerolls are very popular with gamers, as they can bring some additional money to the balance. The idea is that you won’t have to invest any funds first. But, you still have the chance to win.

Though the prize’s amount is not high, these tourneys quickly gather the needed number of customers. Venues often lure new clients by holding them.

With Entry Tickets

There are contests that need a ticket or an entry. Usually, it costs 5-10 AU$, but you should primarily get the casino invitation to participate. The event has a definite subscription period and a certain start date. Also, it has a fixed duration. The main prize is divided into several parts between a few winners.

For Australian High Rollers

Aussie operators often hold High Roller contests, where they hand out much bigger money sums to the whales. They are users who spend bigger investments on playing and/or depositing funds for a long period. These competitions are frequently exclusive, which means that the casino invites only certain clients. Stakes are normally higher, but the prize pool is also larger. A gamer can get a few thousand dollars at once.

Tournament Reward

While most tournaments offer cash prizes, some competitions suggest more interesting rewards. We’re talking about gadgets as iPhone or Samsung, trips abroad, TVs and so on. In this case, a winner gets not 700 AUD, but a prestigious smartphone, for example. Sometimes, you can even get a chance to spend a few days on a sunny beach or in a popular country.